Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy "2nd" Birthday- Trains & Tiaras

We made it another year! Two two year olds!
So, do the terrible twos come in droves of four when you have twins?

Regardless, I am choosing not to accept the terrible twos into our home. I have decided that we are going to skip the terrible twos and it seems to be working so far. I am convinced it is because we rang in the year with such success!

The theme of the "2nd" Birthday - TRAINS and TIARAS

It was a blast to plan... I took my time and started working WAY in advance.
I wanted to create as much as I could by hand.

Train Sign
I "borrowed" an idea from a favorite blog - It's the Little Things that Make a House a Home - and made it my own. I wanted a focal point of entry, an eye catcher! One afternoon I was catching up with Karla and I saw a sign that she made for a wedding. You can check out her original post here. We decided that we could adapt Karla's idea to a Railroad Crossing Sign.

The outcome was fantastic!

Take a look...

We now have the sign lovingly placed in our living room next to the twins birthday present - a train table!

The original post of how we made it can be found here.

Cupcake Toppers
Then on to the cupcake toppers...

I knew I wanted to try and make my own cupcake toppers.
Thank goodness for scrapbooking. I had a circle cutter and double sided picture tape.
So, I headed out to my local Michales (coupon in hand) and purchased some Popsicle sticks, paper and a tiara and train punch.


Here they are in action...

Next... (For lack of a better word...)


This experience has made we want a die cutting machine. So many times, I contemplated just hitting Michael's or Hobby Lobby, throwing caution to the wind and getting one. But, I let the better part of me hold me back... and again Thank you Scrapbooking...

I made a few rudimentary signs. The idea was cute... identification and fun facts about trains and tiaras... the execution could have been better (if I had a die-cutting machine) but then again, they were child-like and this was s 2 year old's day!


Grand "Chimney" Station was the place to play with the new train table!


What's a party without food?

Her Royal Majesty


The Train

Choo! Choo!


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